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Tracking System for IGREDs

Tracking System for IGREDs

Introducing an effective tracking system for tracking your IGREDs in real-time. The GPS system used allows for precise location tracking of the device. This is important as it ensures that the device is only used in the designated areas and that the radiation levels are monitored accordingly.

In addition, GPS technology can provide information about the movement and positioning of the device, which can be useful in planning and optimizing work processes. The use of GPS technology in IGREDs also provides increased safety for workers by tracking the device’s location. Workers can be alerted if they are approaching areas with high radiation levels. This helps prevent accidental exposure and ensures workers can perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Overall, this technology ensures safe operation of these devices and increased safety for workers in industries where exposure to gamma radiation is a concern.


Durability and Reliability: Device can operate effectively over extended periods without requiring frequent maintenance / repair.

Improved Efficiency: Improves efficiency by reducing the time and resources required to perform tasks in hazardous areas.

Safety: Tracker and SIM Lock system to avoid any theft or shifting.

Geo-fencing: Including notification and alerts if it crosses geo-fencing limits.

User-friendly Interface: Allows users to easily control and monitor the device location.

Tracker System


 Available with variable intervals: 10 sec – 15 min

100 % Battery Operated:

Backup: –

  • 10 sec – up to 5 days,
  • 15 min – up to 15 days

Accuracy: ± 10 m

Communication Network: GSM – 2G SIM Card: Nano SIM

Dimensions and Weight: 85 x 58 x 29 mm, 161 g

Mounting Assembly


 Separate assemblies for Roli-2, SPEC-150 and Delta-880 IGREDs.

Material: PETG – Polyethylene Terepthalate Glycol

Tamper Proof Seal

Assembly provided with dedicated holes that enable installation to IGREDs without making additional holes on the IGRED bodies for different models of IGREDs

Download GPS tracking system for IGRED .PDF Brochure